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With a preservative added, several months is chastity cages reasonable to assume. In any case, check it for spoilage before using it and discard it if there is anything wrong with it. You can “customize” your J-Lube in a variety of ways, especially when pre-mixing it. For one thing, experiment with the amounts of J-Lube you add to the water to produce a thicker or thinner J-Lube. Try varying the amounts of General Lubricant, or don’t even use any at all.

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  • When it comes to silicone lube, you can find some decent picks in the drugstore.You may have heard before that oil-based lube is bad, full stop.
  • After having your frisky moment with your partner, rinsing this lube off your hand should be pretty easy.
  • Masturbation lubes are designed to handle high friction so you can use them on your own or with sex toys.

That makes reapplying so much easier when your hands are already lubed up. But the way it feels and smells will probably put images of beauty products in your mind instead. Do check if the package of the one you buy confirms this, though.

Household Items That Will Work As Lube

People have e-mailed me about this one, and I have seen some web pages out there that suggest doing this, but I personally wouldn’t recommend it. I have tried it before, and while it sounds easier to do it that way, I have found what I consider to be a few compelling reasons not to do it.First off, a blender is generally used for food. It has lots of nooks and crannies around the area of the chopping blades where bits of food can hide, even after a thorough washing. Just don’t get your dirty blender lube near my butt. Even if you soak the blades in salt, they’re still a pain to clean. Cleaning a bowl and a stirring implement is far easier and less time consuming.

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There’s no colour, no fragrance, and plenty of aloe to soothe your skin, inside and out. OK, the bottle’s a bit brash, but we challenge you to find a thicker water-based lube that’s this good at keeping your toys good and slippery. It goes a long way, too, so this 130ml bottle should last you a while. However, the manufacturer has a special version of the lube, which might come in handy. These marines managed to create a perfect lube basing on their preferences and experience. Initially, they used oil for guns and liked its thickness.

Because it is smooth and yet has less fat content, it will also be less greasy and easy to remove after you have done your deed. Petroleum jelly such as Vaseline can be used as a lube, as it has no harmful effects and lasts for a long time. Although, beware while using a petroleum-based product as lube as it can turn messy.

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There are many reasons that you might be interested in DIY anal lube or makeshift lube items around the house, so let’s take a look at the crème de la crème of cheap anal lube substitutes. For a full list of our top picks of the best anal lubes click here. More impressive, Relax comes in a 17.5oz bottle giving you over 4X the lube for only a bit more money. The 4 oz size has a stronger “Extra Strength” relaxant, but the standard relaxant from the bigger 17 oz version definitely still does a great job.

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