Commercial & Corporate


Being your pragmatic legal partner in your investment, business venture, and operations in various industry sectors is what we do in our Commercial and Corporate Practice.

At K & K Law Group, our senior practice lawyers optimize well-grounded local knowledge of Cambodian legal system and dynamic regulatory practices for business investment and operations to provide most efficient and optimal solutions that suit your unique business needs. K & K Law Group take pride in our experts’ capability to combine local and international expertise to deliver a high quality of legal assistance for commercial and corporate sector. Practicality, efficiency, innovation, flexibility, and compliance are the focus of our commercial and corporate practice.

We provide a complete spectrum of corporate and commercial services to clients at all categories and levels ranging from small and large domestic companies, oversea companies, to multinational corporations. Our provision of legal advice and assistance concentrates on commercial and corporate areas including commercial and corporate transactions, market entry advice and framework, compliance and regulatory requirement for business operation and transactions, corporate governance, foreign investments, and other commercial and corporate matters. Through our expertise, we offer other services such as commercial and corporate advisory, contract drafting and review, corporate secretary, and business registration and licensing.

Practicality, efficiency, innovation, flexibility, and compliance are the focus of our practice.

Our Services

We provide effective commercial and corporate advisory that integrates statutory requirement, practical application, and our expert opinions to assist and accommodate our clients through the following advice:

     - General commercial and corporate advice;

     - Specific compliance and regulatory requirement advice for key business sectors;

     - Market entry advice;

     - Commercial transactions advice; and

     - Other​ commercial-and-corporate-related advice

We provide a flexible form of contract drafting and review services that would accommodate our clients’ need for either a short or a complex contract which ensure the best interests of our clients and get the deal done in the following services:  

    - Contract drafting (drafting various contracts for commercial purposes) including sale-purchase agreement for goods and services, joint-venture agreement, general terms and conditions, partnership agreement,  distribution and agency agreement, non-disclosure agreement, and other commercially related agreements;

     - Contract review;

     - Contract negotiation;

     - Contract execution and enforcement; and

     - Contract termination

We provide professional and diligent corporate secretary services as follows:

     - Corporate governance compliance;

     - Corporate filing compliance;

     - Corporate maintenance of statutory records compliance;

     - Shareholders’ and Board of Directors’ meetings compliance; and

     - Other corporate governance compliance;

Our efficient licensing and registration services cover the following areas:

     - Legal entity registration including company registration, partnership registration, subsidiary registration, branch registration, representative office registration, qualified investment project, and other forms of legal entity;

     - Business licensing, permits, and approvals from the regulatory authorities;

     - Products registrations for specific regulated goods such as medical supplies and telecommunication equipment and other products; and

     - Other commercial-related filing, registration, and licensing