Having duly registered with the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia and established under the former name as ASEAN International Law Group since 2002, K & K Law Group is widely known for our reputation as a leading Cambodian law group with our one-stop legal and advisory services, highly experienced and specialized experts, core principles, and achievements. K & K Law Group was founded by Dr. Rithkiry KANG, a senior Attorney-at-Law, who has been recognized as a proficient and innovative expert in the legal field. In other respects, Dr. Kiry is highly regarded in the legal expertise community for his enormous experience as a winning litigator and a practical commercial and corporate legal advisor for over 20 years driving from his attention to details and his offers of high-quality legal services, which are aligned with the highest ethical and professional standards. Along with his relentless pursuit of justice and regulatory compliance, Dr. Kiry is diligent in his ability to provide effective business-related advice while being trusted by high-profile clients for his innovative approaches and solutions.


K & K Law Group provides high-quality, innovative, and personalized legal and advisory services to a broad spectrum of clients, ranging from domestic to international individuals and corporations, and we represent our clients’ optimal interests on the national, regional, and international levels. Expertise of K & K Law Group concentrates on civil and criminal dispute resolutions and alternative dispute resolutions; due diligence for commercial transactions, general corporate and business advisory, business licensing and registration; trusts advisory and registration, and insolvency advisory and proceedings. At the same time, the firm advises and provides effective solutions for key industry sectors such as general and specialized real estate transactions, development, and construction, with our practices well-versed from legal to practical sides of the projects. We further provide general and specific internal compliance and investigations for individuals and corporations’ needs.

With almost 20 years of its operation in Cambodia, K & K Law Group has been upholding 4 core principles: excellence and professionalism, trust and client focus, practicality, and innovation. Integrity and standards of ethical professional conducts are the focal points of the firm’s operation. At K & K Law Group, professional attorneys-at-law on board are highly experienced in the field of laws and business development and firmly committed to deliver high-quality, solution-driven services at the most optimized and lawful interests of clients in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective manner. Earning your trust and becoming one of your legal partners are our priority goals. With our breadth and depth of local knowledge and strong familiarity in the complexities of Cambodia’s legal system, our legal experts are at the clients’ service with creative solutions to unique needs, practical expert guidance and consultation, and engaging updates at every stage. K & K Law Group believes that client’s confidence and trust toward us stem from our professional performance; our vast experience in commercial advisory work and zealous defense of countless winning litigatory cases under our representations; as well as a clear understanding of the political, social, and cultural norms of commercial, operational, and legal practices in Cambodia.

The quality, trust, integrity, and success of K & K Law Group have reflected through our achievements. We have been highly recorded for achievements through our excellent services and strong relationships with major ministries, government institutions, authorities of all levels, especially with top decision makers.


  • Stand firmly by core values of excellence and professionalism, trust and client focus, practicality, and innovation;
  • Commit to continue to provide high-quality, professional, and seamlessly integrated legal and advisory services to national and multinational clients;
  • Deliver optimal, creative, and effective legal solutions and strategies to clients’ unique needs;
  • Adhere to integrity principle & standards of ethical professional conducts;
  • Serve everyone inclusively and ensure access to justice for all;
  • Strive to offer Pro Bono service to vulnerable groups


K & K Law Group envisions our becoming as the first law group of choice based in Cambodia and beyond, the ASEAN region, by being highly regarded as a zealous dispute resolution and alternative dispute resolution litigator, a solution-focused advisor, and a practical legal practitioner in the areas of our expertise. Our law group’s continuous endeavor concentrates on building upon our existing reputation as a law group of trust, excellence and professionalism, practicality, and innovation with almost 20 years of experience advocating high-profile litigations, supervising sophisticated negotiations and dispute resolutions, and advising major commercial and real estate transactions.

A law group is known by its attorneys. K & K Law Group believes that a high-quality legal representation comes from highly competent attorneys. With these reasons, K & K Law Group strives to establish a more supportive, integrated working environment enabling our attorneys and colleagues to further their personal and professional development and to deliver their best possible services and solutions.

Core Values

Excellence and professionalism:
  • Pragmatic and proficient expertise with almost 20 years of experience in the fields of practices;
  • Unyielding drive for quality, solutions, and results;
  • Incorporation of in-depth local knowledge and strong familiarity in the complexities of Cambodia’s legal system;
  • Prioritize inclusion and access to justice for all;
Trust and client focus:
  • Serve, protect, and deliver the most optimal, lawful interests of our clients;
  • Adhere to integrity and standards of ethical professional conduct;
  • Highly accessible, committed, and reliable;
  • Amenable to the dynamic and uniqueness of personalized client’s issues;
  • Adapt to the local practices, norms, culture, and the complexities of Cambodia’s legal system;
  • Solution-and-result-oriented in delivering creative, effective, and efficient services