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What this mean is that there is great potential opportunity for people who previously could not fit into any other device for whatever reason. With the chastity belt, the penis and testicles are protected against intruders. The interior is made of high quality silicone rubber, the surface looks like natural skin. Its locking system is very innovative because the tube of the cage is placed inside the ring.

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  • Your keyholder literally has your penis under lock and key, which is a very exciting way to live and serve.
  • Consent is about control over one’s self, body and decisions as well as love and trust.
  • The spikes are just hard enough to create the pain you want him in, without piercing the skin.
  • The kit comes with one padlock with two keys and three plastic locks.
  • Of course, like all of our humiliation focused devices, the Mistress’s Little Prisoner is extremely easy to put on and remove.
  • Put your lover on lockdown with the Hardcore Silicone Cock Blocker!

Lock yourself down like never before in the most extreme cock cage CB-X® has to offer. Enter a new level of adult toys restraint you and your Keyholder will love. The device seems as secure as you could reasonably expect from any ball-trapping device worn without a piercing.

Plastic Sizing Rings

Amazon has them for $14.95 with free expedited shipping for Prime members. My question to all though is that if you don’t feel it are you still being controlled? Yes, I know the literal answer is yes for when it is on there are no orgasms, are weirdly shaped erections, and a painful restrictions, but I mean when life is just happening.


Last week we tried the X3 with the neoprene ring as suggested and … bingo! It also seems unlikely you’d be able to cut the ring and replace it . It just needs to be a tiny bit more comfortable . Unlike you, I find the single base ring totally comfortable. For men, like me, whose penis is quite short flaccid, the cage/tube design is critical. Most of the Mature Metal devices, other than the Jail Bird can’t be built to accommodate a short, flaccid penis.

And so, we come to a conclusion to our iron-clad article on sissy chastity cages. Whether you’re a femboi with a big sissy cock or a sub slut in the final stages of her sissification training, there is a chastity cage or device for you on this list. Having your sissy clitty securely locked away is paramount to experiencing an orgasm controlled, and possibly even a permanently denied sissified lifestyle. Security is achieved by wearing a chastity device having an internal locking system or with an external padlock. Now that you know what the best chastity devices are, which one will you decide on?

My life got so much better when I submitted to my wife’s control. She tells me what to do, when to do it and I obey. If you do find yourself woken up by a night time erection, don’t panic, this is completely normal. Laying there and hoping it will go away soon may seem like the easiest option, but it never works.

When you do wake up to a nightly erection, it’s best to urinate as this will help dispel the erection and allow you to go back to sleep much sooner. Incremental Durations.Again, the fantasy of long-term denial is very real, but the reality of it is quite different, and can be more difficult than you may initially expect. The best way to is start with a few hours, move into an overnight lock up, then a 24 hour session, and start doubling your time from there. Discretion.You will quickly realize that not all devices are discreet under regular clothing.

Buy a plastic, silicone or steel male chastity device, cage or belt with tracked worldwide delivery available in plain, discreet packaging. However, if you tell Me that you want to be locked in chastity for Me and plan on using a silicone device, I am going to laugh at you. Silicone chastity devices are not suited for long term chastity whatsoever. You should get either a plastic or metal chastity cage.