Labor & Employment


Labor is an imperative asset to business operations of companies in a similar way as foreign investments to the health of a country’s economic growth. As foreign investments keep flowing at a significant rate year by year into Cambodia, the climate of the legal regulatory framework as for the demand of labor-related compliance and legal internal human resources documentation has been increasingly intensifying at the same time. K & K Law Group gets a full grasp of Cambodia’s dynamic labor and employment situations and progressive labor law, and our well-established networks are in place to facilitate efficient solutions to resolve any labor matters which would further place our clients in a competitive edge.

With such advantage, our clients benefit from our effectively strategic, solution-oriented advice on employment policies, internal code of conduct and regulations, employment contracts, as well as HR policies. Other key services cover contract drafting and review, contract termination, dispute resolution, internal employment regulation, and registration.

At K & K Law Group, our highly experienced Labor & Employment practice group always ensures that clients’ companies legally operate in full swing.

…further place our clients in a competitive edge.

Our Services

We provide effective labor and employment advice that balance between statutory requirement, practical application, and our expert opinions to assist and accommodate our clients through the following advice:

     - General labor and employment compliance and regulatory advice;

     - Specific labor and employment advice for concerned queries of clients;

     - Advice on employment policies;

     - Advice on internal code of conducts and regulation;

     - Advice on employment contracts;

     - Advice on HR policies;

     - Advice on union-related issues or strike; and

     - Advice on other labor-and-employment-related queries

We provide a flexible form of contract drafting and review services that would accommodate our clients’ need for either a short or a sophisticated contract that ensures compliance with the labor law and the institution’s policy, and most importantly a contract that all parties would walk away feeling like a winner. Our services include:

     - Fixed duration contract;

     - Undetermined duration contract;

     - Contractor contract;

     - HR policy or internal work rules drafting;

     - Other labor related contracts based on clients’ needs;

     - Contract review;

     - Contract negotiation;

     - Contract execution and enforcement; and

     - Contract termination

We provide services for employment termination to ensure a smooth compliance exit for both parties in the following:

     - Advice on employment termination;

     - Employment termination calculation including notice periods, exit compensations among other seniority payments;

     - Wrongful conduct investigations; and

     - Other employment termination services such as settlement and issuance of notices

We have an experienced team of litigators and negotiators to amicably resolve labor disputes or zealously litigate in Court. Our services include:

     - Labor litigation in Court;

     - Labor dispute resolution proceedings with the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training;

     - Labor dispute resolution proceedings with the Arbitration Council;

     - Negotiate and mediate labor disputes with employees or the employers

We provide assistance for labor registrations, permits, and approval licensing to both employers and employees including:

     - Employment Work Book;

     - Documentation related to election of shop stewards;

     - Declaration of enterprise opening;

     - Declaration of employees;

     - Establishment book and payroll ledger;

     - Internal work rules;

     - Permits for overtime work;

     - Foreign employee quota;

     - Foreign employee work permits;

     - Visa E;

     - Staff movement declaration;

     - National Social Security Fund registration; and

     - Any other labor related registrations, permits, and approval matters