In the time of financial difficulties, restructuring and insolvency are within the bounds of possibility for businesses. With a strong grasp of understanding upon your business needs during financial emergencies, K & K Law Group is adept at being your legal partner in bringing effective solutions forth and turning the tide in your favor, especially ensuring smooth insolvency proceedings.

Our Insolvency team represents domestic and foreign debtors, creditors, and relevant stakeholders in insolvency matters. We provide a wide array of services ranging from advisory, debt collection, to insolvency.

…adept at being your legal partner in bringing effective solutions forth and turning the tide in your favor.

Our Services

We provide effective insolvency and debt collection advice that balance between statutory requirement, practical application, and our expert opinions to assist and accommodate our clients through the following advice:

     - General advisory for insolvency proceedings and framework

     - General advisory for debt collection options and legal proceedings; and

     - Any specific advice for specific insolvency and debt collection proceedings and options

In debt collection practice, our experienced team of litigators and negotiators zealously assists with litigation in Court and alternative dispute solution approaches including negotiation and meditation. We offer debt collection services as follows:

     - Issuing demand or notice letters;

     - Assisting in debt collection negotiation;

     - Assisting with the court proceedings for debt collection such as the filing of an injunctive relief, the filing of a civil complaint, the filing of a demand ruling proceeding, and appellate proceeding; and

     - Any other dispute resolution approaches and alternative dispute resolution approaches

Our experienced attorneys handle insolvency proceedings to ensure an effective insolvency filing, a smooth insolvency proceeding, and an efficient implementation of the compromise’s potential plan. Our services include:

     - Filing for an opening of the insolvency proceedings;

     - Assisting with the appellate proceedings in respect to the insolvency proceedings;

     - Assisting clients to liaise with the administrator and prepare required documents as requested from the Court or the administrator; and

     - Any other procedural and advisory work related to insolvency proceeding as needed