Dispute Resolution


Winning is our philosophy. We fight, and we are known for our winning streaks. Your case is in good hands.

Dispute Resolution lies at the heart of our law group’s services and expertise. Our law group’s reputation in the litigation field is built from years of experience in zealous and winning litigation and cost-effective alternative dispute resolution. Our utmost advantage lies upon our senior legal attorneys-at-law who have almost two decades of experience handling local proceedings and solving disputes seamlessly with statutory proficiency and adversary integrated approach.

In criminal cases, understanding overall rules, implications and procedures from investigation phase by police to criminal proceedings before court is essential. Our criminal litigation practice group consists of experienced defense lawyers, who endeavor to handle virtually all varieties of litigations at all levels of Cambodian Courts and provide the best legal services for the protection of individuals’ and corporate clients’ rights.

Winning is our philosophy.

In civil cases, understanding weakness and strength of a civil claim is key in both negotiations outside of courtroom and adversary litigative approach inside the courtroom. Our civil litigation practice group consists of experienced negotiators and on-point litigators, who are able to focus on pressure points of the opposition and obtain rightful claims of clients efficiently. 

If you need a fighter to defend or represent your rights and interests in Cambodian judicial system or an alternative dispute resolution platform, you need K & K Law Group.

Our Services

We offer services in regard to general assistance with criminal litigation proceedings​ in the following:

          - Criminal defenses;

          - Pre-trial detention;

          - Bailing;

          - Judicial judgement enforcement;

          - Appellate proceedings; and

          - Other criminal litigation matters


Our civil litigation services include:

  1. General assistance with civil litigation proceedings

          - Breach of contracts;

          - Torts;

          - Product liability;

          - Debt collection claims;

          - Injunctions;

          - Judicial judgement enforcement;

           - Appellate proceedings;

           - Settlement deals; and

           - Other civil litigation matters

     2. General family law related proceedings including divorce, wills and estates, adoption, child custody and parental rights;

     3. Other personal administrative related works such as filing a request to change one’s name with the Court;

We offer various channels of alternative dispute resolution through:

          - Arbitration

          - Mediation

          - Negotiation